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A game that allows players to build their own soccer team and practice to unlock challenges

A game that allows players to build their own soccer team and practice to unlock challenges

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Program license: Free

Program by: First Touch Games Ltd.

Version: 6.14

Works under: Android


Program license

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Program by


First Touch Games Ltd.


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Dream League Soccer offers a respectable approach in its moment to moment simulation of soccer, but it can't hold a candle to more meticulous and well-established franchises like Pro Evolution Soccer or the EA FIFA series. But that's not to say it's not without its advantages. Dream League Soccer is only one of two mobile games to offer real world licensing issues, and players sick of the in app purchases and cards system that prevail in the FIFA series could find a lot to love here.

That said, this is a game that draws a lot of direct inspiration from the FIFA series, and it wears those influences on its sleeve. Most notable is the ultimate team approach to how games play. It's a model that worked well for FIFA, and Dream League Soccer mostly gets it right. There's no option to simply pick your favorite team and play, so you need to build you own team from scratch instead. That's great for fans who have always wanted to draft all their favorite players to a single team and see how they work together in practice, but it limits the options for the pick up and play game. It's much more difficult and sometimes impossible to create accurate match ups of your favorite historical games. That said, you do have a pretty significant amount of control regarding to how your games play out. Sliders allow you to change the duration of your matches, a feature that can't be found in FIFA's mobile version. And the ultimate team approach is largely well supported with customization options. You can start by assigning your team name and then further add layers of personality by changing the colors, kit, and team logo for your players. The options for building your team are respectable as well. You can search by player or filter your results according to a wider variety of metrics, and the player profiles are all neatly laid out with all the relevant information. Building the ultimate dream team is perhaps the biggest selling point of this game, and the developers more or less get it right.

But while there's a loving level of recreation that's gone into tweaking the stats of the famous players, don't expect them to look quite like the stars that you know and love. The graphics are nothing to write home about, and that results in players that may feel like their real life counterparts but might not look anything like them. The controls are well designed, with large buttons and a virtual navigation stick, a necessity when you're trying to simulate the tight and precise maneuvers necessary in soccer. While the game modes may be limited, it's not a bad option for players who are looking to play soccer on their phones and seeking out an alternative to what FIFA has to offer.


  • Doesn't require an internet connection to play
  • High level of customization when building your team
  • Real life league licensing


  • Graphics are nothing to write home about
  • Less game modes than other mobile soccer games

Dream League Soccer for Android is one of the most popular soccer simulation games on the market, and it was created by First Touch, a world-class developer of such sports games. Using this app, players can design their own team and train it to be the very best in the world.

There are a lot of things to do in this game, and players will notice that it takes quite a bit of time to develop a team into what it needs to be to succeed. You'll have the ability to recruit new team members, enhance the stadium where you play, and play against the computer in amazing 3D. This game is quite large, so it is recommended that it only be downloaded using a WiFi connection.

The transfer system in the game is one of the most comprehensive of any such soccer simulator, and it gives players the opportunity to buy new team members using the in-game currency, which are coins. There is also a free transfer system that includes players of variable skill and value. You'll have up to 32 spots on your roster to fill, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

One of the most engaging aspects of this game is the new and improved AI. The developers of this game, First Touch, have some experience with soccer simulation AI, and this version is perhaps their most detailed version ever. The AI is just challenging enough to become addictive, and the visuals are sharp and fluid. Even the touchscreen controls are fairly intuitive, and that is often the area where mobile games fall short.

It would be nice if this version supported online multiplayer like the iOS version, but unfortunately it does not. However, there is plenty of content in the game itself to keep the players entertained. The player development system is highly intuitive and detailed, and it allows the player to increase the skills of each individual member of the team. Skill categories like ball handling, general fitness, and distribution make it easy to train your team exactly as you would like.

Each season, players will be given the chance to set targets for their team to reach by the end of the season. This will keep the fans happy, which is fairly important since there is a fan rating system to keep players motivated.

The animations and graphics of this game are world-class, and there are more than 60 celebrations that team members might perform when they play well. The cameras are set to follow at realistic distances, and every animation is fluid and smooth. The game is also filled with achievements that players will want to complete, and they provide additional hours of entertainment.

Like most freemium games of this nature, there is an in-game purchase system that allows players to buy the in-game currency with real-world money, but those purchases are basically unnecessary to enjoy the game.


  • Impressive Targeting
  • Multiple Competitions
  • Completely Free Download


  • No Online Multiplayer
  • One Account Per Device